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Rikor TV

Welcome to the Rikor TV

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The Company RIKOR TV gives you the unique possibility to create personal TV for yourself. For this purpose it is necessary to get and install the equipment for reception and viewing Rikor TV. You can make it if you address the Sales Center in your city.*
After installation of the interactive video recorder RIKOR HD IVR, it is necessary for you and for each member of your family to get a personal profile. It should be made in order to the Company Rikor TV could create and give to each member of your family the qualitative personal channel.
Now video recorder round the clock will record multithreading programs, news, films, etc. to internal hard disc. You can view only one fifth from a record stream.
Naturally you WILL CHOOSE and view the best suggested part, and your video recorder, as opposed to the used TV, will make your personal channel better, in accordance with your taste.
Now it’ll become impossible to miss favourite teleview or a film as they will "wait" convenient time for your viewing. However if during this period you’ll prefer another televiews or films, then in due course teleview or film offered by video recorder will drop out from your channel.
Also you personally can give a command to record permanently all televiews, supposing, Club of the Funny and Inventive, or a concrete film which goes late at night or in your absence, or will record five televiews from different channels simultaneously.

  • Personal channel consulting your interests;
  • Possibility of retaining in archive and repeated viewing (stock material);
  • Viewing only advertising interesting you
  • Absence of expectation of the beginning of the teleview;
  • On air pause (rewind);
  • Grading the news by themes;
  • HDTV quality;
  • News broadcasts sorted by themes;
  • News subjects are followed by historical, biographic, geographical, etc. notes;
  • Interactive channels: letters to TV broadcasters and to the visitors of the TV program, additional information, participation in votings, polling, quizzes;
  • Three personal channels;
  • It will record serial films and series in a period of several years;
  • Video editor and archivation;
  • It will record 5 channels simultaneously;
  • Viewing and recording simultaneously;
  • It will give the detailed announcement about each teleview;

The full list of possibilities of active RIKOR TV
You can be acquainted with possibilities of active TV in viewpoints of your city.

* if there is no representative of Rikor TV in your city you can get the equipment directly in our office.
** maximum record count - five streams.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 August 2010 21:26

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265-43-26 Samara

66-40-04 Tolyatty

987-987 Volgograd

6-34-16 Novokuybishevsk



8500 руб

RIKOR HD IVR 3100S HDD 160 Gb, GSM/GPRS модуль,HDTV.

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